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Dual Heat Multi-Purpose Fabric Steamer (White/Pink)

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Remove wrinkles from fabric whether at home or on-the-go with ease
Product Information

Forget about setting up the ironing board and heating up the iron, because now you've got this Dual Heat Multi-Purpose Fabric Steamer. This compact and portable steamer makes it easy to remove wrinkles from clothes, whether you're at home or traveling. It quickly produces steam in just 2 minutes and uses plain tap water, meaning you never have to worry about any additional additives. Safe for all types of fabric, it's the perfect way to keep your wardrobe neat and ready to wear. Plus, the steamer even features dual heat settings, which means you can even use the steamer as a beautifying facial steamer or as an air humidifier.

Product Features
  • Compact, portable fabric steamer that's ideal for quickly removing wrinkles whether at home or traveling
  • Quickly produces steam in just 2 minutes using only plain tap water with no additives necessary
  • Steam is safe for all types of fabric
  • Multi-purpose steamer can also be used as a facial steamer as well as an air humidifier
  • Includes an 8ft power cord for ease-of-use and a measuring cup for easy refills

  • Steamer
  • Measuring Cup
  • Instructions

  • Color: White/Pink
  • Dual Heat Setting: 400W and 800W
  • Power Cord Length: 8 feet
  • Dimensions: 9" x 5.5" x 3.5" (H x D x W, Approx)

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