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Houdini 4-Piece Wine Tool Kit (Black/Red)

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A glass and bottle of wine aren't enough the next time you want to enjoy some chardonnay or merlot. You need some tools too, which is why you need this Houdini Wine Tool Kit. This kit includes 4 must-have tools including a chilling carafe, aerating pourer, wine preserver, and a corkscrew. The carafe is perfect for keeping your wine cool for up to 90 minutes, the aerating pourer is ideal for breathing life into your red wine, and the wine preserver lets you save what's left of that bottle so you can enjoy it later. And, of course, the corkscrew is perfect for opening that bottle in the first place!

Product Features
    • Carafe is designed to keep pre-chilled wine cold for up to 90 minutes or more
    • Can also be used to chill un-refrigerated wine to drinking temperature
    • Ideal for white wines rose, and Zinfandel
    • Stainless steel ice chamber is the fastest, most effective chiller
    • Chills wine the natural way with no plastic or freezable chemicals
    • Carafe is designed to hold a full 750 ml bottle of wine
    • Perfect for serving wine with a touch of elegance - both indoors and out
    • Also suitable for fruit juices or other cold liquids

    Aerating Pourer
    • Designed to aerate red wine as you pour
    • Helps to improve the flavor and bouquet of your wine
    • Allows for easy aeration without the use of a decanter
    • Separates for easy cleaning when you're all done

    Wine Preserver
    • Designed to help remove air from an opened bottle of wine
    • Removing air helps preserve the wine taste until the bottle is re-opened
    • Patented "Push Button" Stopper holds vacuum for days
    • Features an ergonomically designed pump handle for easy operation

    • The corkscrew that's preferred by waiters and sommeliers
    • Offers easy 2-step operation using an upper level than a lower level if needed
    • 2-step operation is designed to remove all cork types with ease
    • Built-in foil cutter helps remove the foil cap for easy opening
    • Easy to carry design is perfect for travel

    • Wine Chilling Carafe
    • Aerating Pourer
    • Wine Preserver
    • Two-Step Waiter's Corkscrew

      • Color: Black/Silver
      • Capacity: 750 ml
      • Dimensions: 12" x 3.6" (H x Diameter, Approx)
      • Warranty (On Ice Chamber): Five Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

      Aerating Pourer
      • Color: Metallic Red
      • Use: Red wine

      • Color: Black/Silver
      • Length: 4.25 inches
      • Warranty: Five Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

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