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Magma 2 Sided Non-Stick Griddle 8 x 17, A10-195

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Magma 2 Sided Non-Stick Griddle 8 x 17

They've been a long time to come, but Magma is finally releasing the Griddles to complement their range of stainless steel BBQs.
Non-stick, two-sided Griddles These Griddles are coated on both sides with Dupont Teflon Platinum non-stick for durable trouble-free use in the most extreme conditions. One side of the griddle is smooth for preparing eggs, pancakes, etc. the other side is ribbed for grilling sausages and meats while the grease is removed away from the items being cooked. Convenient removable handle included.

A10-195 Two-Sided, Non-Stick Griddle 8 X 17 - Suits Newport and Chefs Mate grills