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Magma Universal 4-Way Light - Weatherproof/Shockproof - A10-143

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Magma Universal 4-Way Light - Weatherproof/Shockproof 

Always in need of additional light onboard at night, the new universal light from Magma is the perfect answer. Useful and durable for almost any application. Stylish in design, this light attaches to almost anything; using its Velcro attachment strap or attach a lanyard or on a key chain when that additional illumination needed. Waterproof/shockproof and its non-skid silicone cover is resistant to heat, easy to clean while protecting all internal components from the harsh marine environment. Its long-lasting 9-volt battery (included) maintains it’s power when you need it most. The light features an easy to use 3 stage push button on-off switch to operate the 6 high-intensity LED light bulbs. The (4) white LED bulbs provide a solid beam of light while the (2) red LED bulbs provide either a solid beam for increased night vision or set it to flash when in that unexpected emergency situation.