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Metrokane Houdini Aerating Pourer, Metallic Silver

$13.86 $14.99
Wine experts agree: Houdini Aerating Pourer improves the flavor and bouquet of a newly opened bottle of red wine. The conventional method of aerating wine is to pour it into a decanter before serving. But now you can gently aerate your wine right in the glass with the Houdini Aerating Pourer. It's designed to provide just the right amount of aeration - enough to soften the wine but not enough to flatten its taste. Plus, because you can now aerate your wine right into your glass, you can easily aerate just what you need instead of an entire bottle!

Product Features
  • Designed to aerate red wine as you pour
  • Helps to improve the flavor and bouquet of your wine
  • Allows for easy aeration without the use of a decanter
  • Separates for easy cleaning when you're all done

  • Color: Metallic Silver
  • Use: Red wine

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