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Portable 2-in-1 All Purpose Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern w/ Dimmer

$12.98 $39.99
Two-in-One Camping Lantern that's perfect for outdoor or indoor light
Product Information - 209805

The Portable 2-in-1 All Purpose Ultra Bright LED Camping Lantern is a portable light with a unique two-in-one design that gives you the performance and light that you need. It features a high-power 1W LED light with a dimmer switch that lets you adjust to the brightness that you need, making it great for use at picnics, camps, or even for your nightstand. The Camping Lantern features a carry ring on top and a hanger on the bottom for easy portability while hiking or for easily hanging from a branch while at camp. Plus, you can even remove the top for a smaller, even brighter lantern whenever you need more light.

Product Features
  • Ideal lantern for picnics, while camping, and more
  • Features a super bright 1W LED bulb that provides plenty of light for all your activities
  • A unique dimming switch allows for adjustable brightness ideal for every situation
  • Lantern is lightweight and includes a carry ring on top and hanger on the bottom
  • Twist-off top reveals a smaller, brighter lantern that's great while camping at night
  • Lamp/lantern uses 3 D batteries (not included)

  • Color: Random Colors (Blue, Red, Silver, and Green)
  • Light Source: High Power 1W LED bulb
  • Power Source: 3 'D' Batteries (not included)