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Triumph Steel Tip Dartboard Game Station, 140009

$22.12 $24.99
Get ready for an exciting game night with this Triumph Steel Tip Dartboard Game Station. This dartboard is the perfect addition to any basement, game room, and more. It features a special 2-sided design, so you can play both traditional darts and baseball darts, and comes packaged in a unique box that opens up to a cardboard cabinet. Now, you've got two dry erase scoreboards so you're ready for play! Also included is a marker pen, a throw distance line, a game assistance card, plus 6 steel tip darts so you can start playing right away.

Product Features
  • Dartboard perfect for your basement, game room, and more
  • 2-sided board features traditional darts on one side and baseball darts on the other
  • Comes in a unique box that opens up into a cardboard cabinet
  • Box also includes a toe line for regulation throwing and a game assistance card
  • Features 2 dry erase scoreboards so you can easily challenge friends to a game of darts
  • Comes complete with 6 steel tip darts as well as a marker pen so you can start playing right away

  • Dartboard
  • 2 Dry Erase Scoreboards
  • Marker Pen
  • 6 Steel Tip Darts
  • Throw Distance Line
  • Check out Card

  • Color: Black/Light Blue/Yellow-Green
  • Dart Length: 4.4" (Approx)
  • Diameter: 16.75" (Approx)

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